My name is John Bourne and I currently live where I  grew up in Plymouth, England.

I am Enhanced DBS checked.

What I do is provide a safe environment for learning effective hand to hand combat that can be used for self defence and/or to become fit and healthy.

My martial arts journey :

​That experience changed my outlook forever because what Jesse and his students were doing was not something I'd seen or experienced before. 

I then started following Jesse Glover around Europe on his seminar circuit. This continued for a number of years where I often stayed with him in Pierre Hartmann's home.

2005 I trained at a seminar with Lamar Davis II an Original JKD instructor certified by 5 of Bruce Lee's students (we remain friends to this day) ​

2006 I trained at a seminar with Andy Kimura son of Taky Kimura who was Bruce Lee's best friend and after Bruce Lee's death became the keeper of his grave.

​2009/10 a bit more time practising tai chi 


I continue to spend time at my close friend and teacher Pierre Hartmann's home where Pierre has trained me personally.